Hotronics's SDI Proc Amp provides excellent video correction in non-ideal camera environments such as filed news event recording.  It's fully compatible with digital cameras, ensuring correct video levels, color saturation, and hue when editing.  The Digital Proc Amp uses an advanced digital processing technique to provide high quality broadcast signals for television broadcast.  The easy to use digital video adjustment and LCD display, for monitoring video setting status, makes this product ideal for efficient and cost effective operation.  It automatically recognizes and accepts both NTSC and PAL serial video.




  • SMPTE 259 compliant
  • Automatic cable equalization
  • Simple connections: SDI in > SDI out
  • Direct access control buttons for easy access
  • Precision preset capable proc amp controls
  • Adjustable white, black, and chroma clipping within legal limits
  • Proc amp status LCD display for easy monitoring
  • Reset function for quick video reference
  • Flexible 8-bit or 10-bit compatibility
  • Digital camera compatible
  • Performance is unaffected by temperature changes
  • Digital potentiometer precision adjustments
  • Single +5 volt power supply
  • Ancillary data and digital audio are left intact
  • Optional vertical interval blanking





Rackmount Version



Download the SDI Proc Amp brochure in PDF format.