Dual Channel Rackmount Version

Multiplexer De-Multiplexer
The Hotronic SDI Multiplexer  combines digital video with digital audio to from the embedded signal.
Together with Hotronic video A/D and 
audio A/D, the Hotronic Multiplexer 
converts analog video/audio to embeded 
Two pair of stereo audio can be 

combined with a video signal.
The Hotronic SDI De-Multiplexer  separates digital audio from digital video signal.

Together with Hotronic video A/D and audio A/D, the Hotronic De-Multiplexer converts embedded digital A/V to separated analog video and analog audio.
Features: Features:
  • In default mode--- audio channel 1-4 are selected
  • In manual mode--- any channel can be selected
  • Compatible with ASE/EBU standard
  • Simultaneous digital outputs up to 16 channels
  • Available for single (2 pairs of stereo) or dual channel chassis
    • Compatible with NTSC or PAL standard
    • 96 kHz dada rate
    • Adjustment free operation
    • Single or dual channel chassis
    • BNC outputs


Single Channel Rackmount Version