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      Video Signal
      Accept non-segmented Heterodyne and monochrome 525 line/60 Hz video signals
      Recorder Interface
      Any non-segmented VTR.
      Correction range
      1 Frame memory
      Signal to Noise Ratio
      58 dB (p-p signal to rms noise)
      Residual Time Base Error
      Differential phase better than 2
      Differential gain better than 2%
      MONOCHROME 10 ns
      Composite 5.5MHz comb filter
      Gen Lock Range
      Adjustable, more than 2 m s
      K Factor (2T)
      Composite Mode 1%
      19 wide x 1 high x 12 deep Rack mountable
      Less than 30W
      10-20 lbs.
      Ambient Temperature
      10 - 40C operating
Input Signals
1V composite video signal (75 Ohms, terminated) 
Gen Lock
Black burst or standard NTSC composite video signal
Output Signals
1V p-p @ 75 ohms, terminated composite
ATS51: Single Channel TBC/Frame Synchronizer in 1/2 rack chassis
ATS51-RM: Single Channel TBC/Frame Synchronizer in 1U rackmount chassis
ATS51-2: Dual Channel TBC/Frame Synchronizer in 1U rackmount chassis
ATS51-2S: Dual Channel TBC/Frame Synchronizer plus  Cut/Dissolve switching in 1U rackmount chassis
Significant Advantage
Hotronic’s ATS51 is a great-valued Single or Dual Channel TBC/Frame Synchronizer. The built-in digital comb filter provides full bandwidth output signals to your VCRs, Camera or satellite Feed. ATS51 has cut or dissolve switching for your simple editing. The Gen-lock capability allows you to do A/B roll switching by just a single channel TBC providing that at least one of your input source is stable NTSC signal, such as a camera output. Pricing is very attractive. ATS51 is a smart solution for A/B roll switching or just simply use it as a TBC or a Frame Synchronizer.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

                       Specifications are subject to change without notice.