Hotronic Inc.

HD41, HD41-RM, HD41-2, HD41-AB

HD Frame Sync/Switcher

High Performance Affordable

HD41 Features:

  • HD SDI INPUT; also accepts embedded input


  • Simultaneous YUV output with TRI-level SYNC

  • Frame synchronization with full frame memory

  • 2 frame syncs in 1 U Chassis

  • 2 built-in frame syncs for A/B switcher

  • Digital sync & analog sync are always present, even no input signal is present

  • Gen-Lock capability

HD-41 Specification:

  • Input & Output:    HD Format;
                                    1080i or 720p or others

  • Bandwidth:            Y: 30Mhz, U:15Mhz, V: 15Mhz

  • S/N Ratio:              > 58dB

  • Gen-lock Range:    Anywhere within one frame

  • Digital Sync and Tri-level Sync are always present


All Models:

HD41: HD-SDI Input & output, gen-lockable. YUV output with Tri-level sync. Up-gradable to other HD41 models. Desktop version.

HD41-RM: HD-SDI Input & output, gen-lockable, YUV output with Tri-level sync. Rack mount version.

HD41-2: Dual channel in 1U chassis, same specification as HD41-RM.

HD41-A/B: No glitch A/B frame sync/switcher, 2 HD-SDI inputs & one SDI output, gen-lockable, YUV output, 1U chassis. Rack mount version.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.