Broadcasting Group


AX83  -4 x 1 Switcher with Live Quad  
-HD Digital to Analog Converter  
AV61 Server/ DVR Uncompressed Embedded SDI Recorder  
DE41 - Video Delay up to 15 frames  
AS801 HD Digital Video Router Any Combination Up To 8 x 8  
3G HD/SD DA -HD 3G HD/SD SDI Distribution Amplifier  
  AP41  - TBC/Frame Sync. in NTSC or PAL (**SDI Out option)  
  ATS51 - TBC With A/B Roll Switching in NTSC or PAL(Single channel 1/2 rack size)  
  AR31  - Low Cost TBC/Frame Sync. in NTSC  
  AT61  - 10-bit Frame Sync. in NTSC or PAL (SDI Out Option).  
  AR71 - Dual Channel TBC/Frame Sync. in NTSC or PAL  
  PC-TBC - Computer Plug-in Card TBC/Frame Sync. in NTSC  


Video Router

  AX81 - 8 x 2 Asynchronized Video Router  


Audio Delay & Audio Converter

  AU51 - Audio Delay  
  Audio Digital Converter    


Video Audio Delay (Serial Digital Output option)

  AL86 PAL Version - Video/Audio Delay  
  AL86 NTSC Version - Video/Audio Delay  


Proc-Amp serials

  SDI Proc-Amp    


SDI Converter

SDI AD / DA    


Digital Test Signal Generator

AG2  - 10 bit Digital Test Signal Generator  


SDI Audio/Video Multiplexer and De-Multiplexer



SDI Frame Sync Audio/Video Delay 

AY86  - SDI Frame Sync & A/V Delay  


TBC with A/B Roll Switching

  ATS51 - TBC With A/B Roll Switching  


Video Distribution Amplifier