Audio Digital Converter


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Dual Channel Rackmount Version

44.1KHz to Analog Converter Analog to SDI Converter
The Hotronic Audio Converter allows serial digital The Hotronic Analog to digital converter is
signal to be converted to analog audio signal while technologically sophisticated yet simple to use.
save money by keeping your current analog The AES/EBU compliance equipment requires
equipment. Using the latest technology, no adjustments other than plugging in the analog
this high quality converter is fully compatible signal input and digital output cables. This
with AES/EBU standard and required no  converter is available in  half-size or full-size
adjustments from user. It automatically selects rack chassis.
48KHz, 44.1KHz or 33.1KHz input and
converts it to 24 bit analog audio signal.
Digital Analog
Features: Features:
Automatic input selection Advance 24 bit signal processing
No adjustment for Digital Lock 48KHz Output
Latest Technology circuitry Low jitters encoding
Rack-mountable with 2 units Adjustment free operation
Compatible with AES/EBU standard Rack-mountable with 2 units
Simultaneous analog outputs Compatible with AES/EBU standard
Available for single (stereo) or Dual Channel Chassis Optional NTSC or PAL Gen-lock capability


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Single Channel Desktop Version