Hotronic AV61

Uncompressed Embedded SDI Recorder


The new AV61 from Hotronic Provides SDI as stunningly beautiful as it can be.

High performance, the AV61 provides professional results for graphic and animated video. you can record and playback simultaneously, using 20 minute, 80 minute, 5 hour or 10 hour media. The av61 is also versatile and customizable - you choose which option suit your specific needs.

Most importantly. professional results can be achieved since there is no compression quality loss and no audio distortion introduced.

The Hotronic AV61 is a breakthrough in SDI technology. And the video it provides is stunningly beautiful.

  • Removable or interchangeable recording media with DC-power recorder

  • Random access to files

  • Clip segment playback

  • Gen_lockable

  • User friendly digital pro amp controls

  • Time code generator built in

  • Simultaneous digital and analog video out

  • Time code LCD monitor

  • Video pro amp LCD monitor

  • Audio level LCD monitor
  • Accepts tape input with time base error
  • Pass VIR, VIT and telex. etc.
  • NTSC or PAL DVD master copy archive
  • Best signal for up-converter
  • Digital color Encoder/Decoder
  • Component I/O (optional)
  • SDI Mux/De-Mux (optional)
  • RGB I/O (optional)
  • Remote control RS422 and GPI