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      Video Signal
      Accept non-segmented Heterodyne and monochrome 525 line/60 Hz video signals or Y/C 3.58 Input, or SDI input
      Recorder Interface
      Any non-segmented VTR.
      Correction range
      1 Frame memory
      Signal to Noise Ratio
      58 dB (p-p signal to rms noise)
      Residual Time Base Error
      Differential phase better than 2?/font>
      Differential gain better than 2%
      MONOCHROME ?/font> 10 ns
      Y/C (S-VHS)
      6 MHz (-3dB) Y (Luminance)
      Gen Lock Range
      Adjustable, more than ?/font> 2 ms
      K Factor (2T)
      Y/C mode 1%
      Digital Drop-Out Compensator
      19?/font> wide x 1-3/4?/font> high x 19?/font> deep
      Rack mountable
      Less than 30W
      Ambient Temperature
      10?/font> - 40?/font> operating
Input Signals
1V composite video signal (75 Ohms, terminated) or Y/C 3.58, or SDI
Gen Lock
Black burst or standard NTSC composite video signal
Drop-Out Compensation (Optional)
R.F. from VTR (75 ohms, terminated) or TTL
Output Signals
1V p-p @ 75 ohms, terminated composite
Sync Drives
Adv. Sync. 1V p-p @ 75 ohms
Significant Advantage
Perhaps the most significant advantage of the AP41 over other TBCs is its functional efficiency. The processing amplifier controls are prestable. Each control has a maximum useful dynamic range. Front panel buttons select different operational modes.
AP41:TBC/Frane Synchronizer
Composite input/output,Gen-Lock, Proc Amp
5.5 MHz bandwidth, upgradable to other AP41 models
AP41-SW:TBC/Frame Synchronizer
AP41 plus S-VHS input,upgradable to other AP41 models
AP41-SF: AP41-SW plus S-VHS output, Freeze Frame/Field, ungradable to other ap41 models
AP41-SP: SDI, Y/C & Composite input, Y/C & composite output (D/A converter), genlock, digital proc amp, freeze

AP41-SPD: Y/C & Composite input, SDI, Y/C & Composite output (A/D converter), genlock, digital pro amp, freeze

AP41-D: SDI input/output, digital proc amp, genlock (No Analog, No Y/C)

Option D-1: Optional SDI input for AP41, AP41-SW & AP41-SF

Option D-2: Optional SDI input for AP41-SPD

Option YUV:YUV output for all ap41 models

Option Hot:Seamless switching hot Switch option for AP41 models

Specifications subject to change without notice.